You'll get all the things you wish for in classic exploitative cinema, including gore, nudity, and spectacular one-liners.

What this band have captured is the spirit and sound of 70’s/80’s horror/cult & sci‐fi cinema and harnessed it into an almost modern setting and production.


"It is rare that I view something so absurd and insane and still have such an enjoyable time as I have had with NightSatan and the loops of Doom"

Ridiculously, it works perfectly.

Don't rate short films", I told myself. (...) But you made me do it. You fucking made me do it.


The Grim

"You just can’t describe NightSatan. It’s something that you have to experience. Not just the music, but the film. Both are something that I’ve never witnessed before and was presently surprised with each."


This starfire of a short film features graphic violence, stunning visuals, and a synth score that pays tribute to the likes of John Carpenter and Goblin.


Buy, borrow, beg or steal to get it.