NIGHTSATAN caught the ear of the attentive laser metal enthusiast with their debut album, Midnight Laser Warrior, in 2010, and now the trio debut as movie stars in Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom. The movie draws inspiration from the very same source the band does: '80s post-apocalyptic science fiction.

The synth trio NIGHTSATAN hail from the doomy city of Turku, Finland, and they place themselves in the post-apocalyptic laser metal genre. In the beginning, the synth warrior Wolf-Rami envisioned the band's music as "the soundtrack to Miami Vice meets heavy metal." During their career, the band's sound has extended to both ends of that spectrum, and the synth-metal riffs of the early material have given way for a more progressive and atmospheric approach.

Given the international cult fame gained with the already quite cinematic debut album - with kudos given by the likes of Monocle, Empire, and Popvoyage - and live shows in their native Finland and Sweden, it is fitting that the trio's next step is a movie soundtrack. Directed by Chrzu, better known as the director of animated films such as Curse of the Remote Island (2008), Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom is a proud tribute to vintage Italian post-apocalyptic sci-fi. It is a very unusual short epic, full of sex, violence, and general sense of wonder.

The soundtrack album is a considerably more epic and measured affair than its predecessor. Recorded and produced by the band's second keyboard wizard Mazathoth, the album features full-length versions of all tracks from the movie. Contrary to the synthy debut, Loops of Doom has several guest musicians and even string instruments. The retail package contains both the soundtrack and the movie, loaded with juicy bonus features.

Nightsatan the band

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MazathothMazathoth is the synth wizard of Nightsatan. He is the brains of Nightsatan. Mazathoth's mind is connected to the nuclear radiation of the Karelian wastelands. His path is spiritual and scientific, his joys unearthly. Mazathoth weaves musical spells through electric rituals wielding the Golden Staff of Wheels.

Wolf-RamiWolf- Rami is the synth warrior of Nightsatan. He is the muscles of Nightsatan. Wolf- Rami is a merciless brute with bitter soft spots. He wears a mask to hide his shame in the Karelian wastelands. Wolf- Rami drinks blood, plays the synth and throws circular blades with precision and intent to kill.

Inhalator IIInhalator II is the laser drummer of Nightsatan. He is the heart of Nightsatan. Inhalator II unleashes his passionate heartbeats on his electric drumpads. He feels, but is not so keen on thinking. Inhalator II's skull is made of indestructible steel diamond. Armed with a crossbow he looks for someone to soothe him in the Karelian wastelands.